Despite professional indemnity not being a compulsory purchase for IT professionals, this sector is arguably one of the most frequent buyers of PII in the UK with the purchase of it often being driven by contractual obligations and the huge exposures that IT professionals face with when insurable incidents occur.

An IT professional’s advice and service is often  an integral part in the day-day running’s of so many businesses to which can face significant financial losses when things go wrong; the responsibility of business down time can ultimately be laid with the IT consultant.

The IT profession by its very nature is varied and difficult to categorise and so Brunel Professions are well placed to obtain quotations for the full range of firms, from start-up software providers to blue-chip technology companies. Coverage can be limited and certain activities can be excluded and so therefore Brunel Professions can provide the advice and technical expertise to ensure the policy does what it says on the tin.