Architect creating plans Our April placement of the month is a civil and structural engineering firm whose renewal had gone from £3K to £19K. This case is a prime example of the current conditions of the hard market, where the process is less transactional and more about building relationships and providing further claims services. An obstacle within these proceedings was that due to the current financial climate, the procurement manager had a tight grip on the company’s purse strings. To move forward, our team knew they had to get other senior directors on board.

The company initially said it couldn’t afford the premium and were going to fold on renewing cover. Our team took the time to collect and identify some specific claims examples involving civil work, making the client aware of the risks they were taking. We provided them to the sub broker and after a Zoom call, the client was over the line! They later came back to us with an email thanking us for our “outstanding” service.

A great example of how a little extra effort goes a long way. Another victory for the team and another happy client!