March’s placement of the month is a provider of flood risk and drainage services, infrastructure design and transport planning to the property development industry.

We first had the inquiry last year, two days before their renewal date. We managed to scramble together an indication, but it was too late in the day for a firm of their size to move. The sub-broker was already a client of ours and knew the decision maker very well, both professionally and personally. We agreed to revisit this risk early the next year.

We contacted the sub-broker in January and sent the relevant proposal forms. The client completed and returned them, giving us a head start on the incumbent broker. We obtained the full £10m limit and despite current market conditions, came in slightly under what they paid last year. We issued our terms along with supporting marketing documents about why the client should choose Brunel instead of remaining with their current broker. The sub-broker then went to see the client and closed the deal!

All parties were glad that Brunel had the chance to provide this Client with an extremely competitive premium, without having to compromise on cover.