Our November placement of the month was for a civil engineer based in Northern Ireland, undertaking high-risk work such as basement and bridge work. The issues that are currently being faced by civil/structural engineers, combined with their fee income increase of 45% made it a hard battle as there was little appetite in the market to place this risk. With the help of our hard-working brokers in London, they managed to secure a £10m any one claim policy.

However, there was still one more challenge to overcome, as we were again put under attack from a more competitive quotation from another broker, however our sub-broker’s excellent relationship that they had with the client managed to keep them with us despite the premium being slightly higher- they were impressed with our expertise and excellent customer service so stayed with Brunel.

Another perfect example of how our team’s expertise, dedication, and excellent market relationships ended in a really positive win for both the team and the client.